A Look at the Super 44 Flowmaster Muffler

The Super 44 from Flowmaster is one of the favorite muffler options offered by the company today. The product is designed to deliver a raw throaty sound while maintaining the two-chamber design used on all 40 Series mufflers from Flowmaster. The muffler uses the Delta Flow technology for less resonance and a more pleasant or clean sound. It is made from 409S stainless steel for durability and does not rely on any internal packing or blow out. It’s a deeper sounding muffler and offers high-level performance boosts compared to the other mufflers sold from Flowmaster. The Super 44 is 19 inches in length overall and four inches thick, making it virtually identical in size to the 40 Series Delta flow muffler and many other 40 Series options.

This muffler is a favorite among muffler enthusiasts, but it’s not the only option worth considering. Below are some more common Flowmaster mufflers that truck owners make use of regularly.


Comparing to other Mufflers

There are many other Flowmaster mufflers that fit the same use-case as the Super 44, making it more difficult to select the right option overall.

Super 40

The Super 40 is similar to the Super 44 with a lighter sound and less audio output. Both mufflers make use of Delta Flow technology, but the Super 40 does so a bit less. The Super 40 drones more and might stand out to some more for that reason, but the Super 44 end up with a deeper and throatier sound while being in nearly the same overall package.

40 Series

The 40 Series muffler is the original and less refined option. It comes with that stock sound, drones and all and doesn’t rely on any special Delta Flow noise reduction technology. It has more of a crackly sound overall, and stands out more because of it. Some buyers swear by this muffler sound, but many others are put off by the tone of the muffler.

Super 10

The Super 10 is the shortest, loudest and most angry sounding of the Flowmaster mufflers. It has just a single chamber and puts out much more volume during use. Many buyers find it overwhelming for highway driving, but really enjoy it at lower speeds. Either way, the Super 10 is sure to stand out wherever you go.

There are different Flowmaster mufflers for every type of owner. Listening to each muffler type and deciding on a sound you like best is really the most effective way to make a purchase decision. That’s why we put together sound clips of different mufflers into a single video to help with making a final decision.

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