Taking a Look at the Flowmaster 40 Series Mufflers

The Flowmaster 40 series mufflers are one of the original designs of Flowmaster products and they carry with them the signature tone that so many Flowmaster fans are used to and in favor of. The product puts off a raspy and aggressive note but also has a drone sound that stands out compared to other mufflers. The drone is due to the fact that the muffler doesn’t come equipped with the Delta Flow technology that new mufflers are being designed with.

The Flowmaster 40 series is about 13 inches in length with a 4-inch tall case. It can be crafted from aluminized steel or 409S stainless steel and is MIG welded for strength and reliability. Each of the 40 series mufflers is covered by a Limited Lifetime warranty, much like the other leading Flowmaster mufflers. The unit is split up into two different internal chambers that don’t reduce sound resonance as much as other mufflers from Flowmaster like the 40 Series Delta Flow, or the Super 44.


Comparing Similar Mufflers

There are many different mufflers that are similar in design to the 40 series mufflers from Flowmaster. It’s important to consider how the different options vary and which of the options is best for your particular situation. By getting to know the differences between the different options it’s simpler to make a decision about which is the best overall.

The Super 44

The Super 44 is a deeper and slightly louder muffler than the 40 Series, and it includes the Delta Flow technology that eliminates much of the drone the 40 Series muffler experiences at higher speeds. Some buyers believe that the Super 44 is quieter, but it’s actually just less resonant or has less of a drone, which gives it a cleaner sound.

The Super 40

The Super 40 is very similar to the standard 40 Series muffler but with some of the harshness removed. It has a bit less drone, a bit less of a rasp and more of a smooth sound. It’s difficult to tell the difference between these two mufflers without hearing them both, which is why I’ve included a set of different muffler sounds to help with the purchase decision.

The Delta Flow 40

Finally, there is the Delta Flow 40 series. This is the quiet version of the 40 Series muffler that takes the Delta Flow tech to the next level. If you’re after a bit of a throaty growl, with a much more toned down sound, that’s exactly what you’ll have with this model. The muffler is significantly quieter, to a level that some owners will complain about it not putting out enough sound.

Even though each of the different Flowmaster 40 series products are similar, they are different in their own ways. Listening to the different models is the best way to decide which one is best and which should be avoided. Everyone has a different opinion about what sounds good and what doesn’t after all.

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