Taking a Look at the Flowmaster Super 10 Series Mufflers

The Flowmaster Super 10 is one of the most aggressive muffler options that can be obtained from the Flowmaster lineup. They are short and deliver the nearest sound to an open pipe as possible while remaining road legal. These mufflers are loud, throaty and aggressive sounding every time you put your foot down. The muffler features a single chamber design and is constructed for raw aggression. The compact muffler can be installed just about anywhere, and it makes use of Delta Flow technology to create a nice clean sound without the unpleasant drone that so many buyers face with Flowmaster mufflers of old.

These mufflers are made entirely from 16 gauge 409S stainless steel and welded for maximum strength. They benefit from special Delta Flow technology that’s created to limit the drone heard during use. At just 6.5 inches in length and four inches in height, this muffler is compact in size and should fit most vehicle types with ease.

There are other mufflers similar to the Flowmaster Super 10 in design and sound, but they each have key differences from this performance muffler. To help buyers get an idea about the different options available, there are comparisons of the other mufflers down below to read through.


Similar Mufflers to the Flowmaster Super 10

Below are three different mufflers that are all very similar to the Flowmaster Super 10 but different in some fundamental way. They each feature a similar form-factor, but through different lengths or deflectors, they have different tones.

The Cherry Bomb Extreme

The Cherry Bomb Extreme mufflers are formed in much the same way as the Flowmaster Super 10 series and have a similar throaty sound. The Super 10 sounds a bit louder and more aggressive with sharper tones, but both mufflers will make your vehicle stand out while driving anywhere.

The 40 Series

The Flowmaster 40 series muffler is one of the most common mufflers and it’s what people think of when they purchase Flowmaster mufflers. The 40 series is longer and lacks the Delta Flow technology included in the 10 series. This means the 40 is a bit quieter during everyday driving and it creates more of a drone while driving. It’s less aggressive sounding and includes the drone tone that many buyers don’t like when purchasing the Flowmaster.

Super 44

The Flowmaster Super 44 is one of the favorite exhaust systems available from Flowmaster and similar in design to the 10 Series with some key differences. This system is longer and less throaty or raspy when driving at high speeds. Both are loud, but the Super 10 has a more aggressive, deep and throaty rasp than the Super 44 does.


Selecting a muffler can be difficult, but getting to know the sounds of the different options is a good way to start. The Super 10 series muffler from Flowmaster is an intense product that many buyers simply can’t handle. Most buyers prefer the Super 10 or the Super 44 options over the 40 series or Cherry Bomb Extreme, but listening to each one will make it easier making a final decision.

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